Finally, good news for Sony: $2.7B Army super-cloud-computer doesn't work

$2 million Air Force PS3 supercomputer knows its black hole from its elbow


I should mention that Sony is still mad at the Air Force for continuing to use the Linux OS functions in the PS3s when it told everyone else to stop. So you could argue even this kind of success actually exposes yet another rich vein of Lame at Sony. After all the hackage and failure to address it other than by Adroit Blame-Shifting Process Bloviation (ABMPB), there's really nothing left of Sony except vast swathes of exposed Lame being slowly baked by the glares of users angry at losing the Linux they loved and customers angry at having their private financial information given away again and again and again.

So it's better to just forget it and go log in to one of those wicked MMORPG COD5 servers; there's a new black-hole map that plays like a B.O.S.S.

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