AOL (yes, AOL) announced Editions for iPad

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TechCrunch (owned by AOL) not surprisingly has a fairly complete story on AOL Editions for iPad. Think of this as a custom-made newspaper delivered through the popular Apple tablet. They call this a "personalized magazine" that updates daily.

Um, isn't that Google News with personalization? Well, AOL does offer localization by zip code, something Google has never heard of. Wait, Google News has a Local subhead for news? Oh, well, at least the AOL app updates during the day. I'm sure Google can't do that, right? Or maybe you want an opinion from someone beside Google.

Is this just "me too" from AOL, or a valid entry in the personalized news market? Will the iPad app make this more popular, or less, by cutting down on the potential market?


So tell me again how this differs from Zite, which does a great job of story collection from myriad sources.
Pete Senoff on

Delivered once a day. Why didn’t newspapers think of that? Oh wait.
Ken Sickles on

No landscape mode… Meh. I’d rather use Flipboard.
John Shue on

The lack of RSS, Google Reader is a deal breaker for me.

Been waiting for this

I don't get a newspaper, don't have TV, and have to look at a normal computer all day. This has been perfect for reading during breakfast to ease me into the day. It's like someone who cares about you has gone through all of the news and cut out things you might like.

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