Creating a cloud SLA from diagnostic data

Where do you start in order to have a successful port of applications into a private/public cloud?

By Gregory Machler, CSO |  Cloud Computing, iaas

As a CSO and CIO you may be wondering why I crafted a diagnostic related to understanding your most critical web products. The original purpose of the diagnostic was to discern which applications and how applications are ported successfully to a service provider's cloud. The diagnostic determines which cloud IaaS products (storage components, network components, and virtualization machines) are needed for an application. It addresses the platform components (server/operating system and web server) in the PaaS layer. Lastly, it focuses on the SaaS software application.

Once, this analysis is done accurately, all of a corporation's top 10 applications are mapped to a public/private cloud. Simple ports (different version of virtualization software or later release of an operating system) can occur as long as they do not impact the software running in the SaaS layer. A matrix can be made for all ten applications and it may be possible to integrate more than one application on different portions of the infrastructure products. So what should be tested to ensure success?

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I argue in previous articles that testing disaster recovery is the most important and difficult work a service provider can show to a potential cloud client. Hence, testing a disaster recovery plan is a very high priority. Also, it just happens that the information collected for disaster recovery is a superset of the information necessary for porting your main web applications to the cloud service provider. Thorough analysis of each application shows the service provider how to port and test them in the cloud. It tests the basic applications in the cloud service provider's configuration (what is needed for all ten applications) and also the additional functionality needed for a successful disaster recovery of those same applications.

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