Google announces it will kill the only reason to keep Google on your computer

Page will kill Desktop Search, one of only three things Google every did really well


Very few of those are any good, though, and I've tried them all. Most I've tried more than once because I assumed if everyone else loved whatever the latest thing was, I must be doing something wrong.

I wasn't. Google's other services are OK, but they're not great.

No matter how many people say they couldn't live without Gmail it's still clunky to use, harder to access than it should be and less intuitive even than the more functionally limited Yahoo mail, let alone desktop apps that more productivity features.

Google Voice? A great idea that sucks in practice.

Talk offers nothing other chat apps don't and it's way too heavily cross-promoted with other Google apps and ads.

Picasa is fine if you spend as much time taking pictures of yourself doing things as you spend on the things themselves, then need to demonstrate to other people that you’ve done them. I don't have the patience.

Google Apps are great for small businesses, but I've never heard one rave about features or ease of use or anything except price.

Google Docs is OK. So is Reader, Groups, Blogger and many of the others. They're all exactly as OK as half a dozen competitors each; none sticks out as offering something no other app does – something that really makes my life or work any easier.

Desktop makes both much easier.

Windows Search is so much better now than it was in 2004 that it's pointless to even compare. It's still slower, clunkier and less useful than Desktop except when you're searching for something it really cares about: .dll files or sysinfo or .exes.

Even then Windows Search is slower and less flexible than Search Everything, a blazingly fast, amazingly stable piece of freeware.

Together, Everything and Desktop let me find anything on my computer or external storage so fast I don't usually have to think about where to look for it.

I rely on them, especially Desktop, for information I already have in the same way I rely on Search to find things on the Web and Maps to find places I want to go and then take me there (using GPS on an Android phone).

Together those three things save me unbelievable amounts of time looking for things that would take a lot more effort to do on my own. With them I don't even think about the need; I just use the product.

There's something special about piece of technology that fits so well into your life and all the things you think about from minute to minute.

Few tools some close; few people come close. If you don't hold tight to those that do, you're insane.

But you can't hold on to them when they leave or break or fail to become the right kind of wood behind the right kind of arrow.

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