Google announces it will kill the only reason to keep Google on your computer

Page will kill Desktop Search, one of only three things Google every did really well


You can explain to Google why that particular product is important and to Larry Page why he should trim away enough of that untested-by-reality business-school analysis he's been doing and look at some of the products he's killing like a computer geek instead of a Wharton wannabe.

Desktop doesn't bring users to your ad pages; it doesn't get them to hand over personal data for accounts for a service in the cloud, doesn't migrate them to paid services or partner marketplaces; it doesn't slice, dice or julienne them into tasty treats you can sell by the pound to advertisers or barbecue to help offset the free-food bill in Google cafeterias.

It does put your name in front of millions of them every day – at so high a level of reliance and intimacy that the positive impact of Desktop is enough to leave most of them with attitudes toward Google positive enough to give you an opportunity to sell them almost anything.

Giving that kind of help, free, makes people think of you less as the just some company trying to sell them some random mix of advertising and irrelevant-seeming cloud services and more like a company that knows what's actually important to your customers and is willing to go the extra mile to give it to them.

Now that you're dropping Desktop – one of the oldest, most consistent, most popular products in the company's history – you're that much less relevant, less of a daily presence to those of us who have a whole bookmark-list of search engines that specialize in areas we might be following, or the one or two other GPS services that came on the Android phones we bought from someone else.

Thanks for all the help from Desktop, Larry. It's interesting to see how you've grown up and the kind of business savvy you picked up along the way.

Good luck with whatever line of work you get into next.

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