Microsoft Xbox Live signs partners to ramp up TV options

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Media partnerships are crucial to gaining audience, and Xbox Live, reaching beyond gamers to viewers, just announced about 40 new partners. Soon you can HBO through your Xbox, Bing for shows, and control some operations through Kinect.

But this is not a "cut the cable" move, since you'll have to be a subscriber to HBO to get their HBO Go programming. In addition, you'll have to be an Xbox Live Gold member as well. Think of Xbox Live as your new cable set-top box rather than a cable replacement.

While the early PR is upbeat and positive, many of the comments are not. The new Xbox Live program offerings take their lumps, as does Microsoft. Then, for good measure, people complain about their cable providers. But people always complain about their cable providers.

Good news

awesome can't wait to watch tv on the xbox, hopefully the new fall update will finally bring the web browser we've been waiting for too!
DCUltrapro on

Crazy Microsoft

As long as they dont raise the price of live again.
BilkeLegenda on

I can tellya right now, I'm not going to use a TV interface that requires that I look at a creepy potato head avatar of myself to change channels or look at a guide.
GeoX on

@Everyone saying 'I'll cut cable and keep this', Here's what some of you don't understand....there really is no 'dropping the cable' b/c the service won't work that way if you do.
PumpkinBoogie on

This is retarded. To use any of these features you must already be a cable subscriber or content subscriber. In other words, the Verizon channels wont be loaded and work unless u have fios ALREADY. Same with Comcast...Same with HBO Go. Gotta be a subscriber already.
Ali McNichol on

So M$ gives me the service for free(finally something for free from them!) but I still have to be subscribed to someone else for this.

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