Twitter ready to block tweets at national borders

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Censors, rejoice. Truth, at least via Twitter, can be blocked at your border.

In the past, Twitter could only block offending tweets globally, by erasing them from the Twitter-verse completely. As the company expands internationally, they now have the technology to block tweets country by country.

Twitter tries to put a non-dictatorial spin on the new "feature" by citing France and Germany, both of which ban "pro-Nazi content." It also pledges to work with Chilling Effects to monitor censorship. This should help provide transparency after the fact when a post has been ordered deleted.

Sad day

Where they block tweets, they block people.
Shea Bennett on

We have Sopa, Pipa, MegaUpload and now Twitter’s appalling self interest decision. Depressing.
Madamm Geeky on

Can't help but wonder if this decision was influenced in some way by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's $300M investment. Way to sell your soul, Twitter :-/
Charles Randall on

A long list of compromise begins with the first compromise
Gnubie on

Twitter changing Countries > Countries changing Twitter.
Jeff Carlson on

Cost of business

Alas, Twitter cannot sell advertising and collect revenues in foreign countries without agreeing to local censorship laws. At least they are open about it.
Rodolfo Rosini on

From what I can tell, Twitter has the best policies out of the major social networks.

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