SOPA not dead: backroom dealings underway now

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Christopher Dodd, the former Senator now head of the Motion Picture Association of America, admitted SOPA discussions continue.

In a wide-ranging interview in the Hollywood Reporter, Dodd danced around questions about the Stop Online Piracy Act discussions but did admit talks were "going on now" about reintroducing SOPA type restrictions in upcoming bills. The passage of SOPA seemed assured last year, funded by Hollywood with powerful Senators already on board, until protests stopped the bill. However, while "get SOPA'd" is now in the Congress lexicon as doing something that causes a huge Internet backlash, the MPAA won't stop.

Dodd, the ultimate insider after 30 years as Senator and six as Congressman, is still restricted from lobbying former colleagues. But he did say he still gets his hair cut at the Senate barbershop, so news of backroom deals shouldn't surprise anyone.


The cockaroaches have slithered back into the shadows.
weneedhelp on

I'm going to assume his plan involves more bribery next time around; throw enough money at something and you're sure to get it passed.
Trigunflame on

Dodd needs to go away and stop lobbying congress to take more freedoms from the American people.
Guest on

Gear up

When this "deal" comes out, I wonder how hard we're going to have to protest again?
silverscarcat on

I really do hope that if he does try again so soon, it will serve as an impetus for the public going on an offensive.
knbgnu on

Most media has been bought.

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