Some HBO on DirecTV customers SOL with new DRM

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A TV with HDMI is not going to be very old.
thunderhammer on

I was considering signing back up to DirecTV as I still have my dish on the roof... guess I know what I'll be putting on ebay this weekend instead.
cory_g on

Not really a problem

You have to have a really old HDTV for it to not have HDCP. I'm impressed there are still some left that are still working.
IntergalacticWalrus on

I could be wrong but if HBO truly doesn't get it my head might just explode.
billpatrianakos on

Heck, even some pre-HDMI TVs supported HDCP. My old HD tube supported HDCP over DVI. I would guess that the number of users affected here is pretty small.
dtremit on

And bypassing the HDMI output via component cables also runs afoul of some DRM schemes, so don't expect that to work for everything.

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