Morning countdown: Is Google Drive magical or boring?

Plus: Conficker won't go away


  1. Four-year-old Conficker worm still biggest corporate malware threat [ITworld]
  2. Peter Smith: Google Drive is kind of boring [ITworld]
  3. Brian Proffitt: Open source nginx about to pass IIS to become #2 Web server [ITworld]
  4. Dan Tynan: Which Facebook apps are stealing your personal data (and how to stop them) [ITworld]
  5. Apple's developer conference sells out in two hours [ITworld]
  6. Al Gore now in Internet Hall of Fame [ITworld]
  7. Chris Nerney: There's a limit to how much people will pay for data [ITworld]
  8. Kevin Fogarty: CISPA supporters invoke the Anonymous bogeyman [ITworld]
  9. Kevin Purdy: Google Drive is a magic warehouse? [ITworld]
  10. Where is your cloud data, really? [ITworld]
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