Dajaz1.com back after 13 month SOPA-style shutdown

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RIAA pushed feds into closing the site, claiming massive copyright violation. No evidence found, no due process, but Dajaz1 is finally back.

On Thanksgiving weekend, 2010, the feds shut down 82 websites, based on claims of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and others about copyright violations. No due process, no warning, just domain seizure. For Dajaz1, the issue was four songs posted to the music blog offered by the record companies themselves, according to Nasib, Dajaz1's owner.

Over a year later, Dajaz1 is finally back, with no explanation from the feds or RIAA about the charges. Citing lack of evidence, even though the government filed papers at least once to extend the case back in September 2011. At that time, the RIAA was mentioned directly, promising evidence of copyright infringement if given more time. Luckily, the feds finally released the site back to the owner, but without apology or explanation.

RIAA potshots

It's a violation of his constitutionally granted rights as a U.S. Citizen and the federal government should be called to answer for being the bitch of the recording industry.
Bradley Walker on wired.com

Several ex RIAA lawyers hold top Justice Department posts, as was pointed out by Ray Beckerman back when they were appointed.
Natsu on news.ycombinator.com

RIAA & MIAA: the new McCarthyism
Michael Lashinsky on wired.com

This is our government at work?

They shouldn't be able to seize a domain like that without hearing the ruling first.
nextparadigms on news.ycombinator.com

america has lost its way... government subservient to a hidden corporatocracy that is fearful and out of control, unable to see human life and human values.
gregorylent on wired.com

This would never have happened under PROTECTIP!

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