Has the Apple iPad snuffed the Kindle Fire?

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The Kindle Fire burned hot during the holidays, shipping 3.9 million units. But Kindle Fire sales dropped to 750,000 for the first quarter of 2012.

During the fourth quarter, people bought 15.4 million iPads, or about 55 percent of the total tablet market. First quarter, however, the iPad is back up to about 68 percent of the market, as people await a new version of the Kindle Fire.

Throw in the rumors of a Google tablet to lead the Android segment, and Microsoft's $300 million investment in the Nook with Barnes and Noble, and the Kindle Fire gets squeezed even more. The pricing advantage of the Fire, at $199, has been moderated somewhat as Apple kept the iPad2 at $399. Do tablet shoppers believe the iPad is worth twice as much as a Kindle Fire? Seems like it.

iPad for the win

Amazon stopped advertising and lost all the free press after the holidays while Apple commercials are still everywhere.
TradenDen on allthingsd.com

Apple has created business models that work for app developers and content producers (books, movies, music) and set up a distribution system that is accessible, affordable, and safe for consumers.
Fred Maxwell on forbes.com

Apple iPad Accounts for 94.64% of all Tablet Web Traffic
ilev on betanews.com

No matter how innovative or just plain good a new tablet may be, nobody wants to buy a tablet without a large amount of quality apps.
gary03mw on forbes.com

honestly compare the kindle Fire to an Apple product, as I have done, you will be very disappointed with the performance of the Kindle Fire.
SteveRice on allthingsd.com

Amazon for the win

I think a few people are also waiting for Amazon's next move, which is supposed to happen this summer. Some are waiting for an 8" tablet, others for a more beefed up 7" one.

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