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By Jamie Eckle, Computerworld |  IT Management

I see a lot of advice on making resumes attention-getting. What gets your attention? People spend way too much time fussing over resumes. Most jobs at my company generate between 200 and 500 applicants. It's impractical to read all of these meticulously crafted documents. When I look at resumes, I want to see three things in the opening summary: the problems that the person solves, the context or approach that is used, and how genuine value results from that. The rest of the resume should provide a list of roles, with a fact-based example that supports the problem/approach/value statement in the summary for the most recent assignments. Make sure to list credentials such as education, licenses, language skills, published reports and so forth. Also, personal items should be included that support the summary (e.g., perform such-and-such function for a nonprofit). Keep it to two pages. Lastly, have someone besides yourself do the proofreading -- spelling and grammar mistakes mean "game over" no matter how brilliant you may otherwise be.

Talking Up IT Jobs

U.S. News & World Report published its report on the " Best Jobs of 2012" in February, and several IT positions showed up in the top 10.

The magazine's rankings are largely determined by expected job openings in each field (using the Bureau of Labor Statistics projections that have been mentioned on this page several times), but other factors are considered, including average salaries and job satisfaction (using metrics provided by Glassdoor). The jobs that rose to the top using that formula were predominantly in healthcare and technology. Possible takeaway: It might be best to look for an IT job in the healthcare sector.

U.S. News followed up that report with one in March on the best job prospects for MBA graduates, based on expected openings. In that case, IT held the top three positions.

Top 10 Jobs of 2012

1. Registered nurse

2. Software developer

3. Pharmacist

4. Medical assistant

5. Database administrator

6. Web developer

7. Computer systems analyst

8. Physical therapist

9. Computer programmer

10. Occupational therapist

Top Jobs for MBA Graduates

1. Database administrator

2. Web developer

3. Computer systems analyst

4. Accountant

5. Financial adviser

6. HR specialist

7. Financial analyst

8. Management analyst

Source: U.S. News & World Report, February and March 2012

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