Sprint teams with CSC on IaaS cloud

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Cloud Computing, csc, iaas

Sprint is jumping into the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud market via a joint venture with established
cloud vendor CSC, the companies announced Tuesday.

The results, later this year, will include an IaaS offering, along with e-mail, managed hosting and collocation
services, which will be hosted by CSC but accessed via Sprint's communications backbone.

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"The promise of the cloud is unfulfilled without a superior network, and Sprint is focused on providing a
dependable and continually improving network experience that enterprises can trust not just today but as their
mobile data demands and operational complexity evolves," said John Dupree, senior vice president of business sales
at Sprint, in a statement. "Our strategic relationship with CSC is another step in our plan to offer a
comprehensive set of solutions that leverage Sprint's Tier 1 backbone."

The move expands Sprint's previously announced unified communications cloud-based offerings, for which the
company teamed with Cisco to offer desktop video and
collaboration tools.

Sprint hinted at additional announcements in the coming months for software as a service-based (SaaS) communications,
collaboration and security offerings.

Today's announcement marks yet another big name tech company jumping into the increasingly crowded IaaS market.
In the past few months both Microsoft and Google have expanded
their offerings to include an IaaS cloud, seemingly in hopes to displace the market-leading position of Amazon Web Services.

Communications companies have been moving aggressively to offer cloud services as well. Verizon bought Terremark
and CloudSwitch last year, while competing telecommunication company CenturyLink bought Savvis.

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