Top cloud services for collaboration

Looking to work on shared project files? Google Drive, Office 365, and Zoho promise to help. We tried all three and picked a winner.

By Paul Lilly, PC World |  Unified Communications, collaboration

We arent smitten, however. Why? Files are encrypted only in transit, not while they reside on Zohos servers. And Zoho provides a meager 1GB of storage; if you want more space, you must subscribe to a paid account at $3 per user, per month (which gives you a collection of features and administrative tools), and then pay an additional $3 per month for another 5GB of storage.

The Winner

Office 365 takes the crown in this category, especially for business users. Of the three services we evaluated, only Microsofts encrypts your files both in transit and in storage. Most consumers can get by with either Google Drive or Zoho. Google Drive is the best service for iPad users, because it works so well with the Safari Web browser.

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