Top cloud services for file sharing and syncing

With the help of cloud services, you can edit your documents on any Internet-connected device. We looked at five to determine which is best.

By Paul Lilly, PC World |  Unified Communications, file sharing, file syncing

The company also zapped a feature that enabled users to publish their photos to SkyDrive through email. The iOS apps pick up the slack here (although the absence of Android support is annoying), but why take away a useful feature thats already built?


As sweet as its name, SugarSync is like Dropbox with extra toppings. Rather than limiting file syncing to one virtual folder, SugarSync lets you sync any folder on your PC, in­­cluding your Desktop folder. Obsessive-compulsive types will love SugarSync File Managers ability to organize scattered files and folders from numerous synced devices into a single handy window on your desktop. You can also open a file stored on a remote computer, edit it, and save it back to that computer without consuming permanent storage space on the computer youre using.

Road warriors will appreciate Sugar­Syncs support for all the major mobile platforms, including BlackBerry and Symbian. Youll even find a mobile app built for the Kindle Fire. And youll rest easy knowing that your top-secret recipes and revealing photos are securely encrypted in transit and in storage.

The tools for sharing files with other people are equally snazzy, though not as full featured as what you get with Boxs Business or Enterprise accounts. SugarSync lets you share folders either as albums that anyone can view and download from (but not upload to), or as synced folders that require a SugarSync account. If you choose the latter, you can set permissions and passwords.

The Winner

Thanks to its rich selection of features, SugarSync takes the prize as the tastiest file-sharing service around, and it happens to boast the best iPad app, too.

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