Mexico hotel giant puts its IT in Texas

Cross-border cloud computing is no barrier for one large Mexican company, but trade barriers make it a source of worry in Washington.

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Castro was among those who testified, and in a later interview, he said that some countries are warning that the Patriot Act is a threat to privacy and a reason not to use a U.S.-based data center.

Castro said most countries have an equivalent Patriot Act law, and some, including Canada and Australia, allow businesses to turn over data voluntarily to a government agency. A U.S. company would violate its terms of service if it acted similarly, he said.

Also among those testifying was Justin Freeman, the corporate counsel of Rackspace, a hosted service provider. He told committee members that "many U.S. cloud technology companies are attempting to compete overseas," and much of the time these services are provided out of a U.S.-based data center to remote users -- a position which is increasingly met with opposition from foreign countries concerned about friction between their domestic privacy principles and U.S. law."

That has not been a concern for Toro Bala, who has extensive experience working with U.S. IT companies, and said that he meets the needs of Mexican and U.S. law in providing his services globally.

The data center migration will be completed in November. Most of Posadas' data center equipment is leased and is due to expire this year, so it created an opportunity to make a move.

The shift to the cloud is neither lowering nor increasing IT costs, Toro Bala said, but it is giving his business new capabilities. Among them will be a faster time to market on development projects. Previously, a new service required new equipment, a process that, in total, could take months to deploy. The cost would be fixed as well; with cloud, the costs are variable.

With the cloud, new services can now be deployed in a matter of weeks, Toro Bala said. "That is the type of capability that we were lacking, that agility."

Toro Bala said his company has many U.S. partners and works internationally. "Working cross borders comes naturally," he said.

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