Rackspace debuts OpenStack cloud servers

After months of testing, Rackspace puts the first large scale OpenStack hosted deployment into operation

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Rackspace disputed Nasuni's results, noting that Nasuni's tests were conducted during a Rackspace upgrade, when transfer times were temporarily slowed.

"Nasuni's tests were conducted during the brief period when Rackspace was implementing its hardware/software upgrades and the temporary rate limits were in place. As a result, we do not believe that the current Nasuni report reflects an accurate evaluation of Cloud Files or its performance in key areas such as data transfer rates, read errors and delete times," noted Scott Gibson, Rackspace director of product management, in a written statement.

Gibson also maintained that, after this upgrade, data rates for moving a 12TB block of data from Rackspace to another provider improved from one week to nine hours.

"We firmly believe that the cloud future will be around open and we think it will be significantly based around OpenStack," Curry said.

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