Box takes 'best of breed' approach to compete with single stacks from Oracle, IBM, HP

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Cloud Computing, Box, Collaboration Software

Egnyte markets itself as a hybrid cloud solution, combining a company's on-premise storage with a public cloud option. Today it announced a series of partnerships with storage vendors that offer customers a choice for the on-premise portion of their cloud that would be integrated with Egnyte. These include IBM N and DS Series Storage, NetApp FAS Unified Storage, Netgear ReadyNAS and ReadyDATA and Synology DiskStation.

Meanwhile, SpiderOak, another cloud platform that touts its security features, announced that later this year it will roll out its own platform for applications to integrate with SpiderOak. The big difference, says CEO Ethan Oberman, is that SpiderOak has a "zero-knowledge" policy for its cloud platform, meaning that customer data is encrypted on-site, then sent up into SpiderOak's cloud, with the vendor never having access to the keys. Oberman even pokes at Box's slogan for its conference this week, "Business without boundaries," in making its announcement. "Cloud technology companies, including Box, demand and expect enterprises to inherently trust them with their most valuable possession -- their data. However and as we have seen time and time again, this proposition is fraught with risks in security and data privacy from both internal and external threats. Ultimately business does in fact need boundaries," he says.

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Lepofsky says he hasn't heard security be a major deterrent against Box so far at the conference. The company recently rolled out two-factor authentication and increased tools for IT to centrally manage user accounts, as well as for individual users to restrict who has access to which files in the Box cloud.

Box officials say they're excited about the interest in their service. The BoxWorks event has grown from about 400 attendees last year to more than 1,700 this year, while paid Box business accounts have grown from 120,000 to 140,000 in the past six months and now 92% of Fortune 500 businesses are in some ways using the Box platform, even if it's individual employees within those companies.

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