Gartner's IaaS Magic Quadrant: a who's who of cloud market

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Cloud Computing, iaas

Despite its small size, it targets mid-market and enterprise clients, but its size makes it a candidate for potential acquisition, Gartner suggests. And the location of its data centers in Indiana and Utah can create some Internet performance latency issues compared to providers that have data center hubs in major metropolitan areas, Gartner says.

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CSC - The IT integrator goes to the cloud

CSC's cloud division operates as a separate business unit within the larger traditional IT outsourcing company. It runs its two cloud services, CloudCompute, a public cloud offering, and BizCloud, a private cloud, on vCloud Data Center tools from VMware, and uses VCE blocks across an international set of data centers. A strength, Gartner says, is the company's common architecture across public and private clouds with similar pricing models at each. Its placement inside the larger CSC organization gives the division agility, but can also create conflicts with other aspects of the parent company's offerings, Gartner says.

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Dell - Traditional IT goes to the cloud

Dell's VMware vCloud Data Center cloud is one of the prime examples of a traditional IT company attempting to transition to a cloud world. Gartner says Dell has a "realistic and logical" strategy for integrating between the company's popular server hardware already installed across many enterprises and the company's budding cloud offerings. The problem is that Dell has yet to establish a track record as a cloud company, and Gartner says it has a weak roadmap for future products. Dell's cloud includes a public, pay-by-the-VM IaaS cloud, and a private Dedicated Cloud, which is a single-tenant model. The company's strong salesforce and good channel ecosystem give the company the potential to be a notable player in the industry, though, for some time to come.

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Dimension Data - Buying into cloud

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