VMware updates micro version of Cloud Foundry PaaS

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Cloud Computing, Cloud Foundry, paas

VMware says Micro Cloud Foundry has all the same features and functionality of the regular Cloud Foundry, the only limitation will be the power of the single VM that it runs on. In addition to announcing the micro version today, VMware also announced new features that will come with the Micro Cloud Foundry release. These include support for standalone apps, and enhanced support for various programming languages, including Ruby, Java and Node.js.

VMware says it will continue to update Micro Cloud Foundry on the same release cycle as its parent product, and promised to continue to improve Micro Cloud Foundry by further improving automation of tasks within the PaaS.

Cloud Foundry is used by a variety of cloud computing companies as a PaaS extension to their infrastructure as a service offering. Piston Cloud Computing, the OpenStack cloud platform, for example, uses Cloud Foundry to provide customers with a PaaS.

Network World staff writer Brandon Butler covers cloud computing and social collaboration. He can be reached at BButler@nww.com and found on Twitter at @BButlerNWW.

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