6 tools to manage large file transfers

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Cloud Computing, Managed File Transfer

Seen by some as the market leader in this category for enterprise MFT, IBM's product is based on the Sterling Managed File platform. Optimized for high-volume traffic within and between enterprises, IBM's MFT is a portfolio that includes additional bolt-on features. WebSphere MQ, for example, is an optional file transfer automation software, while File Gateway allows for integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business process management (BPM) platforms. IBM also has a series of customizable Web-based interfaces, and a control center for IT management of the system.

More information: IBM Sterling MFT

Ipswitch File Transfer

Perhaps no company better epitomizes the transitions occurring in this broader industry better than Ipswitch. The company has a history of competing in the MFT space, but has recently launched a new, completely cloud-based version of its file transfer tool named MOVEit. It supports system-to-system, person-to-person file transfers, all with fast on-boarding and the ability to dynamically scale resources as needed through the cloud. Ipswitch has complementary tools such as MessageWay, which integrates with existing message platforms, and for customers that want an on-premise tool instead, Ipswitch sells its WS_FTP file transfer server.

More information: Ipswitch File Transfer


Tibco's file transfer system is part of the company's broader strategy around information management. Its MFT line includes both platform and Internet servers, for on-premise or public Internet-facing MFT applications respectively, plus it includes Command Center, a centralized dashboard with reporting and auditing features. Tibco's Slingshot product is also used on-premise as an integration tool with Microsoft Outlook and other messaging platforms that provides compression and encryption for files that will be transferred.

More information: Tibco MFT


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