Amazon goes all in with data warehousing at AWS conference

By Bernard Golden, CIO |  Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, cloud storage

I had no idea how important video is. I'd heard of the extensive NFL and college use of video, but apparently if you're a high school football player who aspires to play college football, you need your video reel for recruitment purposes. Suffice to say, video is important, big-time.

How big? Hudl serves up 600 million videos every month from its store of 500 TB of data. That adds up to 1.8 PB data transmitted every 30 days. No matter how you cut it, that's a lot of football.

Hudl does more with CloudFront than just serve up video content. It distributes the Javascript portions of its app via the service; this gives better performance and lowers latency. Hudl also uses CloudFront security controls to restrict viewing and access.

News: 5 Things to Watch for at AWS re: Invent

This example reinforces the fact that AWS is being leveraged every day for enormous scale use. Hudl is just one (and by no means the largest) user of CloudFront, which is just one of the many AWS services. Until you hear some of the case studies, it's easy to underestimate just how large AWS is-and how present it is in today's computing environment.

Overall, day 1 of AWS re: Invent was pretty amazing. Today Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is speaking during the keynote session. I imagine he has something to announce. After all, he's not likely to let Jassy upstage him, and the tradition of entertainment is that it builds to a climax. I just wonder: if Redshift is just the warm-up act for an even bigger announcement, then what could it be?

Bernard Golden is the vice president of Enterprise Solutions for enStratus Networks, a cloud management software company. He is the author of three books on virtualization and cloud computing, including Virtualization for Dummies. Follow Bernard Golden on Twitter @bernardgolden.

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