EMC and VMware spin out big data/cloud division

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Cloud Computing, EMC, paas

VMware and EMC today confirmed rumors that have been circulating for weeks that it would spin out its big data and platform as a service (PaaS) cloud products into a new division within the company named Pivotal Initiative, which will be led by former VMware chief Paul Maritz (pictured).

"Customers and partners are looking for solutions that enable a new generation of increasingly mobile and data-centric applications that can exploit the datacenter of the future. The new organization will accelerate existing efforts in this area by the two companies, creating a primary, unified and focused endeavor around a common mission, roadmap and strategy," EMC VP of Communications Terry Anderson wrote in a blog post announcing the initiative.

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The initiative will absorb technology, employees and programs that are scattered throughout EMC and VMware and bring them under one umbrella. These include VMware's Cloud Foundry PaaS, which is an open-source cloud-based application development platform, as well as EMC's big data initiatives named Greenplum and VMware's vFabric middleware suite. vFabric includes both the Spring and GemFire product lines. Spring is an open source Java development framework while GemFire is an in-memory data management tool. Intellectual property that VMware bought from data analytics firm Cetas will also be rolled into the initiative. Anderson notes that products and services developed through the Pivotal Initiative will be optimized to run on the VMware vCloud Suite.

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