Cloud service brokerages emerge as new integrators

By John Moore, CIO |  Cloud Computing, service providers

Cloud Service Brokerages Help With Transition, Tools

Other IT organizations may prefer to work with an external brokerage. Appirio CIO Glenn Weinstein says an IT group that reduces its infrastructure workload can spend more time with its business customers. It can also devote more time to innovation as opposed to keeping things running. He suggests 70/30 as the typical breakdown of IT resources between run and innovate.

Overall, the pace of change may compel IT to seek out assistance. "The cloud technology is moving so fast now; there is a great need to partner," Weinstein says.

In MoMA's case, the museum partnered with Appirio for help with its cloud migration, which was especially tricky on the Salesforce side. The challenge: MoMA had to ensure it could still take donations and process transactions during the transition from its home-grown, on-premises CRM to the Salesforce SaaS application.

For a time during the cutover, both systems were operational, Montes explains. The on-premises CRM served as the system of record for one set of data, while Salesforce acted as the system of record for another. The situation required data synchronization. "Migration to the cloud is not trivial," Montes says. "You need someone who knows the landscape and has the tools to help move you from point A to point B."

Appirio's toolset, its Cloud Enablement Suite, includes a component for managing cloud migration and application development. Montes, meanwhile, also cites integration skills as a partner plus. "The ability to have data flow seamlessly between cloud apps, and between cloud apps and on-premises apps, is another big value-add."

As for the future, MoMA may also turn to an outside vendor for managed services. The museum currently manages systems on its own, using its change management process. But if MoMA were to deploy a multitude of cloud apps, it might contract out for at least a basic level of monitoring and notification, Montes says. Such a managed service would provide a single point of contact for tracking cloud apps.

Cloud Arbitrage: Moving Workloads From One CSP to Another

Another service associated with cloud brokerage is arbitrage. With such a service, a broker moves cloud workloads from one cloud service to another based on cost and other factors.

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