Gartner cloud computing Magic Quadrant pits AWS against the world

By Bernard Golden, CIO |  Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, AWS

  • AWS has extended old and developed new services that deliver enterprise functionality. For example, it has provided better identity management and access controls via its IAM service. Likewise, it has rolled out more managed services- Amazon Relational Database Service, Elastic MapReduce and the like-which make it easier for enterprises to adopt AWS.
  • AWS has staffed up in sales and services, hiring seasoned enterprise sales reps and experienced system architects-both of whom work with large enterprises (Gartner's natural customer base) to help them achieve greater success and satisfaction with AWS.
  • Amazon is putting a lot of effort into publicizing its enterprise success stories, and the availability of that information convinced Gartner that AWS is truly an MQ leader.
  • (Perhaps) Amazon has spent more time with Gartner directly communicating its value proposition, enterprise takeup and enterprise-oriented offerings, and Gartner has integrated that information into its evaluation for the MQ.

No matter the reason, AWS now occupies a coveted spot in the MQ, thereby ensuring it will be looked at by enterprises deciding what to do about cloud computing. This is bound to disappoint many cloud service providers hoping that prospects will dismiss AWS as not enterprise-ready. Moreover, the MQ will be used within enterprises by those groups that have embraced AWS (this phenomenon is often referred to by IT organizations as "rogue" or "shadow IT") as endorsing their choice.

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The complete list of 2012 cloud Magic Quadrant companies includes Dimension Data, CSC, Savvis, Terremark and Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Computing Magic Quadrant Implications: Market Shakeout

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