Why all the hype for hybrid Cloud?

By Patrick Budmar, ARN |  Cloud Computing, hybrid cloud

Stand by, Cloud busting is here. And that's just on reason there is so much focus on the hybrid Cloud, according to VMware Cloud infrastructure and management product marketing manager, Aaron Steppat.

"What Cloud busting means is the ability for a company using the hybrid Cloud to use infrastructure that isn't on their premises, such as from a public Cloud, but in a secured, measured and controlled state to get extra capacity for their infrastructure requirements," Steppat said.

He added a "key enabler of that ability" is workload portability or mobility.

Thomas Duryea Cloud services general manager, Adam Beavis, refers to the hybrid Cloud as a "good stepping stone" for people who want to move forward and make use of the technology.

"People are looking for the agility that Cloud offers, but also want to maintain that control of the on-premise solution, whether it is for security reasons or compliance," he said.

As the elasticity or cost model of the Cloud is already appealing to businesses, Beavis said the hybrid Cloud setup "softens the blow from the big bang approach," namely where a business takes everything and puts it into the Cloud.

Hitachi Data Systems A/NZ chief technology officer, Adrian De Luca, points out that the level of conservativeness among Australian CIOs is still quite high, at least compared to thouse around the world.

This can be traced to a reluctance to shift mission critical applications to a Cloud model, with De Luca adding this is especially true for those that are running a bespoke application, or one that is home grown or highly customised, because they see it as a risk.

"It is not surprising that in Australia that we are seeing the first leap being made into the hybrid Cloud, as it allows the CIOs to test the water without a big commitment," he said.

"Not only does it allow them to evaluate the technology but also the service provider and their level of service."

Hybrid is here

With the growing interest in the hybrid Cloud, some industry pundits are expecting the technology to gain wider acceptance this year, even going as far as to claim 2013 the "year of the hybrid Cloud."

NetApp A/NZ Cloud service providers business development manager, Mathew Zele, foresees a considerable increase in hybrid Cloud adoption by CIOs this year, both in enterprise and government departments.

The maturation of Cloud service provider capabilities is seen as the main enabler for this.

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