Mark Zuckerberg reaches a milestone [CARTOON]

The Zuck has turned 30 and it’s starting to show


Cartoon showing Mark Zuckerberg in a conference room with two men, looking confused. He says 'Wait, why did I call this meeting again?' The first man says 'To update our privacy policy again. Don't you remember, Mr. Zuckerberg?' The second man whispers to the first 'Remember, he just turned 30. Memory goes first.'

Memory is always the first thing to go

Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

Big day this past Wednesday when Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg turned 30! Hard to believe, right? 30, of course, isn’t in any way, shape or form, old (says this 44 year-old). But, there can certainly be some signs of aging by then like a receding hairline, a little more weight around the gut and, occasionally, forgetting why you came into a room - or why you called a meeting with your company lawyers.

Anyway, happy birthday Zuck!

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