computer dealer

  • Become a Computer Dealer Step-by-Step

    Posted December 11, 2008 - 1:19 pm

    Are you wondering how you can become a computer dealer? Many small business computer consultants wonder how they can add product sales to their service offerings, and whether or not it will truly add value to their businesses.
  • Computer Dealer Marketing Secrets

    Posted September 9, 2008 - 1:03 pm

    As the owner of a computer dealer business, you need to wear a lot of hats on any given day. This can include customer service, sales, troubleshooting, optimization, and even accounting. However none of the good stuff that allows you to grow your company can even begin to happen if you don’t have a solid marketing plan in place. In this article, we’ll look at 5 simple marketing strategies that you can put in place to take your computer dealer business to the next level.
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