To wash your keyboard or not to wash your keyboard, that is the question

Ever have the urge to put your keyboard in the dishwasher? Turns out that’s not such a nutty idea


Ever want to do this?


Is your keyboard grossing you out? Is it grimier than underneath your kids’ fingernails? Or did you spill your Coke/coffee/Five Hour Energy drink all over it when that 2:30 feeling hit? Well, then you may want consider giving that keyboard a good cleaning.

I don’t mean wiping it off with a cloth or cleaning it out with some compressed air or even using Silly Putty-like stuff to get out the crumbs from your mid-afternoon (or morning) cookie. No, I’m talking about putting that sucker in the sink or dishwasher and scrub-dub-dubbing it until it’s almost as shiny and non-sticky as it was the day you got it.

But is it really a good idea, you ask, to dunk my beloved wireless Apple or vintage IBM PC keyboard in the sink or - gasp! - subject it to the dishwasher? Turns out, while it’s usually not recommended by the manufacturer, you can probably get away with it. It doesn’t take much Googling to find lots of examples of people who have either hand washed their keyboard or put it in the dishwasher - and it lived to be typed on another day. 

So, while there are some people who still advise against it, as crazy as it may sound at first, washing your keyboard really does seem like a viable option.

Should you choose to go down the keyboard washing road, you should keep a few tips in mind:

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