Does BYOD cost too much?

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First thing I'd ask, did they have all the data to set that baseline of $2 million in savings? They're probably operating off a baseline that wasn't comprehensive to begin with.

In terms of BYOD mandates, we don't see our customers saying everyone has to buy their own phone. If they did, you'd find exceptions that pop up. There are executive teams and sales assets that you don't want to give up control. Who owns the phone number? What happens when a salesperson leaves?

You provide visibility into BYOD smartphones. Do you run into employee privacy issues?

No, we don't. There is precedence in the marketplace where people are giving a company access to billing information. A common expense reporting scenario: here's my hotel bill but the gift shop expense is personal.

The other thing to understand is, what we present is summary-level information at a category or plan-and-feature level. So we basically say, your voice was this amount, your data this amount.

Nucleus Research predicts BYOD will get a reality check this year due to hidden costs. Do you think high costs will derail BYOD?

I think that there's a lot of ebb and flow.

There's a report we provide to companies that show you how much spend you have in employee-paid mobility and company-paid mobility, side by side. Companies can watch that spend move from bucket to bucket every month.

We're trying to provide an arena where people can see how this spend happens, how it behaves. We think that once this visibility is available in the marketplace, [companies] are going to come back and say, yeah, we should pay for voice and data but not some of these other things.

I do believe that BYOD as a trend and as a consuming topic between finance and IT is here to stay. Right now, I can't say that I see it slowing down. We do watch companies try it one way that may not work, so they approach it from another direction. We run into more companies that say, we tried BYOD and are going to make a little modification.

When we say BYOD, there are about 30 to 40 definitions. There's a wide variety of scenarios. We monitor 21 verticals and don't see a consistent implementation. It's something we'll be continually watching normalize for quite some time.

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