How to automatically save all your Gmail attachments

Connect Gmail to your favorite file syncing service and back up all your attachments auto-magically


All those photos, receipts, and other documents attached to your Gmail messages don't have to stay buried in Gmail. With the help of stellar IFTTT (If This Then That), the glue that connects popular web services together, you can set all or just specific attachments to automatically be saved to Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, or Box.

IFTTT has long supported triggers for Gmail messages, but support for Gmail attachments is new. Now you can make sure all new attachments automatically get saved to your computer and the online storage services above.

You can even customize the type of attachment you want to save or exclude certain file types. For example, you can send all photos to Box and all other types of attachments to Dropbox.

Check out these IFTTT recipes already created by other members, which you can add to your own account to get started automating your email messages. Automation FTW!

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