Build interactive HTML5 sites and graphics with Google's free Web Designer tool

Build interactive HTML5 sites and graphics with Google's free Web Designer tool


Google recently announced its new tool for building HTML5-based interactive graphics and websites. Although it's targeted towards advertisers (including those who need to make mobile ads), Google Web Designer could be used for other projects.

From the looks of it and from Google's demo video, this is a professional-quality tool for easy and fast graphics creation. In addition to the graphical interface, designers can also dig into the JavaScript and CSS code behind the editor, as well as preview their work quickly in every browser installed.

There are scene-by-scene animation tools, as well as a pen and shape tools. You can even create 3D content using CSS3.

Google Web Designer, in public beta for Windows and Mac, is intended for creating ads, but as TechCrunch reports, you could still create single-page, interactive sites and animations for other purposes, and Google plans to expand Web Designer's tools for other uses.

You can learn more about it or try it out for yourself from the Google DoubleClick Advertiser Blog.

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