Microsoft's Security Essentials isn't the best antivirus program, according to Microsoft

Microsoft advises Windows users to use something else


How's this for corporate transparency and honesty? Microsoft is now saying that, yeah, its built-in Security Essentials antivirus program will "always be on the bottom" of antivirus software rankings, so you should use an additional third-party program on top of it.

PC Pro reports that Microsoft has decided to turn Security Essentials into a "baseline" program and it does not intend to be the best antivirus program in the business. Instead the company is just sharing its virus tracking findings with the security industry so they can develop better antivirus programs.

Um, okay. So what does this mean for Windows users? Basically, if you want better virus and malware protection, look elsewhere than the built-in program offered by Microsoft. I'm using the free program Avast, based on reliability ratings. (Sometimes the program pops up annoying notification windows, but it isn't a system resource hog, at least, and usually unintrusive while offering peace of mind.)

Microsoft Security Essentials has been failing independent security tests for some time now, so maybe you've already jumped ship. If not, well, even Microsoft is telling you to not to rely on it.

[h/t How-To Geek, Lifehacker]
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