Make Google Now remind you of new releases from your favorite artists

Get notifications for new TV episodes, movies, books, albums, and more


It's hard keeping up with all the latest entertainment from our favorite artists. Google Now can be your personal assistant, reminding you of what's new.

Google Now has had time- and location-based reminders for a while. The latest update to the Google Search app for Android, however, now adds a reminder option when you search for a TV show, author, actor, book, musician, and so on. (You'll need to be logged in and look for the "Remind me" button or link in the Google Now card in the search results.)

Google Now reminders

Note that this doesn't work with all types of entertainment and entertainers, but it's definitely worth a try if you never want to miss a new release. You can manage your reminders from the Google Search app on your phone under Settings > My Stuff.

I sure could've used this during my Breaking Bad marathon. [h/t Google Operating System blog]

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