How to schedule automatic, full backups in Windows 8

Microsoft left out the option to schedule regular, full backups in Windows 8. Here's how to bring it back.


For some reason, Microsoft hid the system image backup tool in Windows 8 (but it's still there if you know where to find it). Also puzzling: the option to schedule the full backup on a daily, weekly, or other basis has been removed. Don't worry, though. Here's how to run the system image backup tool automatically in Windows 8.1.

Pureinfotech has the step-by-step directions. Essentially, you'll be using PowerShell to create the task in Windows' Task Scheduler. (Search for PowerShell and right click it to Run as administrator.)

To schedule a weekly full backup to another drive, for example, you'll enter this command in PowerShell (substitute the parts in brackets with your options):

SCHTASKS /Create /SC WEEKLY /D [DayOfWeek] /TN [TaskName] /RL HIGHEST /ST [Time24HrsFormat] /TR “wbAdmin Start Backup -backupTarget:: -include:: -allCritical -quiet”

Check out the source post for more details and options. Once you've entered the command, you should see it in Task Scheduler's list and can forget about manually creating full backups.

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