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Looking for a job? Search LinkedIn and other sites just like recruiters do


LinkedIn is a great tool/site for finding people important to your job search, but search results are limited to 100 results and you don't always see out-of-network connections. Use RecruitEm, a tool built for recruiters, to find the hiring managers on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Github, StackOverflow, and more--and get your foot in the door for your next job.

RecruitEm is a free tool that creates the boolean search required to dig up these profiles in Google. Just enter your criteria (country, job title--e.g., "hiring manager," location, and so on) and RecruitEm will create the search phrase for you and take you to the Google results in one click. So you can avoid having to enter yourself something like: "hiring manager"-intitle:"profiles" -inurl:"dir/ " OR

Donna Svei on AvidCareerist points out more tips and tricks for using this tool, including how to tweak the search for better results.

When you're looking for a job in a competitive market, it helps to know all the tools available to you. This is a neat one to bookmark.

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