Quickly share Google Calendar events by adding the person's email address

But don't include the address if you want to hide something embarrassing


Google Calendar has a time-saving quick add feature, which can add an event to other people's calendars in addition to yours if you add their Gmail and even non-Gmail email address. Even though the feature rolled out quite a few years ago, many don't know about it--and it could be very embarrassing depending on the event you are creating.

First, though, I think this is a useful feature, and one I wasn't aware of either. Instead of having to share calendar events after creating them, just adding the Gmail address will do.

However, as Ars Technica reports, if you're not aware of it, this feature could also tell others about intentions you don't want them to know about. For example, if you add an event that says "Email [boss's email address] to discuss pay raise" or "Email [husband's email address] with divorce papers" they could get those events on their calendars as well.

Apparently, it works if you add any Gmail address in the event subject line, but they won't get an email notification, and some non-Gmail addresses will also see the event on their Google Calendar. If you delete a calendar event, the other party will be emailed a "cancellation" notification--even if they didn't get a meeting invite email.

So, folks, just a word to the wise: Be careful when adding an email address in a Google Calendar subject line.

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