The NSA's spying programs, all in one chart

Catch up on all of the NSA's spying efforts


You've heard all about the NSA's mass surveillance, but with the ton of revelations reported over the last year, it's not simple to understand just how far-reaching the spying programs are. This chart from ProPublica is a good bird's eye view of the issue.

The NSA's programs are plotted on the graphic according to whether they're foreign or US, as well as whether they're targeted or mass surveillance programs. For example, at the bottom are the "Egotistical Goat" and "Egotistical Giraffe" programs, which target users of privacy software Tor. At the top is the "Co-Traveler/FASCIA" program, in which the NSA collected 5 billion cell phone records worldwide daily.

NSA spying programs

If you head to the chart on ProPublica's site, you can hover over the program names in the larger chart to learn more about each program. There's a useful table, too, with links to articles on each program.

The chart doesn't cover all the NSA's spying programs--and, of course, only includes ones  that we know about so far. But it should be enough to make or keep you concerned.

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