Next-gen servers: The next big thing

By Mark Lafferty, director of system solutions, servers and storage, CDW, Network World |  Data Center, Servers

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While "going green" is not necessarily the primary goal when next-gen servers are implemented, it is certainly an added bonus that comes with consolidation. It is really a matter of real estate -- next-gen servers enable more compute via fewer servers that take up less space. The days of the "one application per server" rule are long gone.

Are next-gen servers right for your business?

There are a number of factors to consider when determining the server technology that is best for your company. First, identify the applications that require the greatest amount of compute and which are mission-critical to increase revenue and/or decrease cost. It is also important to map out traditional tower servers that serve an important purpose and can be more efficient with next-gen technology versus those that might operate better with blade servers that offer more flexibility and scalability. Also, think about where your company will be in a few years. Will you need more compute power for a growing business, or are your current servers sufficient? Reform factor and technology needs are key areas to consider.

If you are further along in the next-gen implementation process, consider next-gen cloud servers. These are simply next-gen servers that are connected to a storage area network (SAN) that provides access to consolidated, block-level data storage. With cloud, there is a seamless transition into networking and storage. You also have the choice to manage on-site or to take advantage of cloud offerings from a trusted solutions provider such as CDW. Having a third party manage your non-vital applications enables your organization to concentrate its efforts on mission critical apps.

Next-generation servers can cut costs and boost management capabilities, resulting in fewer challenges for IT staff and greater savings for your organization. If your business is considering next-gen server technology, or if you are not entirely sure which servers will best support your business, a trusted solutions provider like CDW can help.

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