Data center energy consumption will increase. Are you (not) surprised?

A new study finds that data centers around the world will consume more energy.


The study also delves into power monitoring. The United Kingdom – defined as a developed ‘global’ market with a large number of facilities and moderate future growth rates – ranks as one of the highest in terms of monitoring carbon within the data center. That makes sense; U.K. businesses are faced with taxation on carbon emission. Surprisingly, though, China – defined as a major developing market with a rapidly increasing facility and power profile to support the growth of its information and communications technology (ICT) requirements – also ranks as one of the highest in terms of carbon monitoring within the data center. The report attributes that to expert sources who suggest China is becoming more “energy vulnerable” and thus are adding the monitoring capability as early preparation for that.

The eastern United States ranked the highest in overall, continuous monitoring of energy efficiency (the western U.S. ranked fifth and the central U.S. ranked eighth).

There is plenty of other interesting information. The Global Data Center Energy Demand Forecasting study can be downloaded free here.

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