The University of Toledo fires up microturbines in the data center

The University of Toledo is implementing a new power system that leverages gas-fueled microturbines in a green data center project.


Construction will begin this fall and will be complete in late 2012. For the pilot project at The University of Toledo, GEM will develop and implement key technologies and techniques for its modular power system to reduce onsite installation requirements. GEM was awarded a $1 million hybrid loan by the Ohio Third Frontier to work on the project. Capstone Turbine Corporation will provide the Hybrid UPS MicroTurbines previously used for SU’s data center, and Thermax USA will provide a specially engineered and highly efficient chilled water module.

In a prepared statement, The University of Toledo president Lloyd Jacobs said the university is “committed to advancing alternative energy research and commercialization, and we firmly believe in leading by example, which this new technology will help us do.”

I don’t have many more details about The University of Toledo project, but will keep an eye out for them. I’ll even try to talk with the team there that’s working on the project. Stay tuned.

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