Which Applications Should You Virtualize First



    As you consider your cloud and virtualization options, the question that resonates above all else is: Where do I start?

    The second of a three part eSeminar series sponsored by VMware and HP, this event is for organizations in the beginning stages of virtualizing application servers for both routine and mission-critical applications.

    In this presentation industry leaders will help you to prepare for private, public or hybrid cloud deployment, as well as discuss the cost saving and performance-enhancing capabilities available in The Cloud. Experts will offer guidance and share best practices for undertaking a cloud computing project including:

    -What's in an app: Which applications are easier to virtualize
    -Database Strategies: Best practices for virtualizing database driven applications
    -Web and Messaging: Internet-facing applications and virtualization approaches
    -How to approach virtualizing your homegrown code
    -The virtualization pitfalls to avoid when planning your cloud strategy

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