Greening up data centers could matter

Pike Research releases a new report that says the use of green technologies will significantly reduce data center greenhouse gas emissions.


Interestingly, tech companies that are seemingly tackling the environmental impact of their data centers are taking heat from Greenpeace. The international environmental organization this month released its report, How Clean is Your Cloud?, on energy consumption and energy sourcing in the data centers of some of the largest tech companies. The report looks at the data center deployments of 14 of the leading players in the market. You can download the full report here.

Greenpeace doesn’t hold back, and few – if any – of the technology companies included in the report appear exceptional in their green efforts. Yahoo fared the best, while Apple took a tough beating. I’ll delve more into the report in a blog to follow.

Meanwhile, I’d like to hear from you… what are you all doing in your organizations to “green” up your data center act? And do you think it matters?

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