Greenpeace questions the green in clouds

A new report examines how green cloud providers’ data centers are.


Okay, so I mentioned yesterday, in this blog, about Greenpeace’s new report, “How Clean is Your Cloud?” It’s a comprehensive report on the energy consumption and energy sourcing in the data centers of some of the largest tech companies, and delves into data center deployments of 14 of the leading players in the market.

The international environmental organization has established what it calls the Clean Energy Index to evaluate and compare the energy related footprints of major cloud providers and their respective data centers. Greenpeace makes the case that there is little transparency regarding providers’ electricity consumption, despite the availability of a variety of industry metrics, including PUE. What’s missing, Greenpeace says, is data that illustrates how much dirty energy is being used, and which companies are choosing clean energy to power the cloud? Hence, the Clean Energy Index. This index focuses on recent investments and the current clean energy supply associated with each of those investments.

So, how did everyone fare? Here are Greenpeace’s key findings listed in the report:

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