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    Encrypting sensitive data is a must; new key management tools make it easy

    Posted March 31, 2014 - 11:28 am

    SafeNet, WinMagic, Symantec deliver basic key management, plus a whole lot more.
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    Two cloud backup and sync programs you can't live without

    Posted March 17, 2014 - 1:59 pm

    There are plenty of backup and sync solutions out there, and choosing the best among them can be tough. But there are two that stand out from the pack -- check them out, because they well might surprise you.
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    Averail Access aces mobility management test

    Posted January 22, 2014 - 3:21 pm

    Innovative service protects data stored in places like Box, Dropbox, SharePoint and Salesforce.
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    Dropbox for business can be a lifesaver

    Posted December 13, 2013 - 9:00 am

    Our team relies heavily on Dropbox for all of our projects. A major limitation to the free edition of Dropbox is that multiple users can’t synchronize the same files unless they all use the same credentials. Also it’s limited to 2GB of storage. That’s where Dropbox Pro and Dropbox for Business come in.
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    6 great free VPNs to keep you safe

    Posted October 18, 2013 - 2:54 pm

    Want to be safe when using the Internet or sharing files away when you're at a WiFi hot spot or are away from your office? Here are six great Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions that do that for you -- and you won't even have to spend a penny on them.
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    PasswordBox - One password to rule them all?

    Posted July 2, 2013 - 8:00 am

    There has been some degree of hype recently around the start up PasswordBox. Their goal is near to my heart - create a single solution to manage all of your username and passwords online. With high hopes I jumped in line for their 1 Million account giveaway and was supplied with an account in just a few days.
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    DLP tools deliver strong endpoint protection

    Posted August 13, 2012 - 11:42 am

    With serious data breaches occurring on almost a daily basis, concerns about data protection have skyrocketed. While some experts believe endpoint breaches may no longer comprise the majority of data leaks, the intentional or unintentional release of sensitive data from endpoints within an organization, whether by employees, contractors or guests, remains a serious problem that data loss prevention (DLP) products seek to address.
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    Cisco Ironport delivers strong email protection

    Posted August 13, 2012 - 11:39 am

    The Cisco Ironport is an appliance that is deployed into an existing mail infrastructure. All emails are sent to the IronPort and the IronPort is either the last point out (most common configuration) or it can process email and then send it back to the mail server where it is sent out.
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    Top cloud services for online backup

    Posted July 30, 2012 - 11:21 am

    You can lose your valuable data in plenty of ways, including hard-drive failure, theft (laptops are particularly vulnerable), and catastrophe (fire, extreme weather, earthquake). Although the cloud can’t rebuild your home or office after a disaster, it can provide a safe haven for your files.
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    Review: DroidWall protects your rooted Android phone against unauthorized Internet access

    Posted April 28, 2012 - 7:04 am

    I review a lot of Android apps: Many of them are junk, some are so-so, and a small number are great, providing functionality that should be included in every Android device. DroidWall (for rooted devices only) is among the elite few. Why? Because DroidWall allows you to specify which apps can access the Internet--giving you more control over your phone and enabling you to protect yourself against unauthorized data connections.
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    6 data recovery tools for SD cards, USB drives and more

    Posted March 5, 2012 - 11:35 am

    As USB thumb drives and memory cards get larger and cheaper, it's getting easier to trust much more of your data to them. It's also much easier to mistakenly erase data or have them hiccup on you. And if you're in the habit of holding on to that data for too long -- for example, not transferring photos from your camera's memory card -- disaster is almost guaranteed to strike at some point. What happens then?
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    Online backup services keep your data safe

    Posted February 6, 2012 - 3:26 pm

    It's a fact of modern life that archiving data is essential to prevent a data disaster. Still, something like one-third of computers are never backed up, according to 2,257 respondents in a recent Backblaze poll carried out by Harris Interactive. The survey came to the dismal conclusion that a scant 7% of users practice safe computing by archiving their systems on a daily (or nightly) basis.
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    The year's best hardware, software, and cloud services

    Posted January 9, 2012 - 7:11 am

    These 2012 Technology of the Year Award winners make life better for the people who toil in service of the enterprises.
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    Cool gifts for geeks, 2011: Personal storage tech treasures

    Posted November 26, 2011 - 9:05 am

    There’s a lot of shiny and flashy gadgets and home entertainment devices that will entice most of the population during the holidays – cameras, music players, camcorders and tablets are sure to be this season’s top sellers once again. But once gift recipients start to create content, listen to music, download apps or record videos, they will eventually need a good, safe and reliable digital place to store their stuff. That’s where storage comes in – it’s not always the sexiest product category, but there’s a lot of new innovations in storage that we think will make good gifts as well:
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    Synology RackStation: Virtualization storage on the cheap

    Posted November 7, 2011 - 7:06 am

    Synology finally hits the midrange sweet spot in price, performance, and capacity with the 10-drive, rack-mount RS3411RPxs
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    Recoup with data dedupe

    Posted September 12, 2011 - 12:20 pm

    Backing up servers and workstations to tape can be a cumbersome process, and restoring data from tape even more so. While backing up to disk-based storage is faster and easier, and probably more reliable, it can also be more expensive.
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    Wi-Fi hard drive doesn't live up to its promise

    Posted August 5, 2011 - 2:13 pm

    The Kingston Wi-Drive is a neat idea but could do with some polishing.
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    Intrusion detection honeypots simplify network security

    Posted November 18, 2010 - 3:42 pm

    Low-cost, low-fuss honeypots are highly effective early-warning systems against external attacks and insider threats; KFSensor, HoneyPoint, and Honeyd offer safety, ease, and flexibility
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    Data Destroyer Disk Wipe Ensures Your Privacy

    Posted September 28, 2009 - 1:45 pm

    Simply formatting a drive has never been enough to get rid of data completely; otherwise, data recovery specialists would be out of a job. That's where Data Destroyer Disk Wipe ($14, free demo) comes in. Not only does it erase data on a drive, it writes and rewrites over that data with random bytes, making the wiped data totally unrecoverable.
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