DEMOfall '09

  • Why B2B start-ups shine

    Posted September 24, 2009 - 9:18 pm

    Sexy consumer start-ups traditionally grab the headlines at the semi-annual Demo conferences. This year was no exception, with excitement centering around Micello's "Google Maps inside a building" and Emo Labs "invisible speakers."
  • DEMO: Enroute wants to be of postage

    Posted September 24, 2009 - 9:15 am

    Enroute Systems launched a software-as-a-service application that its CEO claims will save companies as much as 30% off their shipping bills while getting their packages delivered just as fast.
  • Startups bloom despite the economy

    Posted September 24, 2009 - 8:59 am

    Fresh from Demo Fall 09, InfoWorld 's Bill Snyder picks the startup companies that could change your worklife.
  • Cool products, companies at DEMOfall 09

    Posted September 23, 2009 - 4:22 pm

    The DEMOfall 09 show in San Diego showcased more than 60 companies offering pitches of new companies and products aimed to make your life better, whether as an individual user or at your company.
  • DEMO: Hashwork bridges gulf between public and corporate Twittering

    Posted September 23, 2009 - 4:20 pm

    A New York City startup, Hashwork, wants its service to bridge the gulf between public and corporate micro-blogging.
  • DEMOfall ’09 product spotlight: HP Skyroom

    Posted September 23, 2009 - 1:09 pm

    One of the most striking enterprise products on display at this year's DEMOfall show has been HP's Skyroom videoconferencing software that combines instant messaging capabilities with high-definition video streaming.
  • Startups see dollar signs in sex

    Posted September 23, 2009 - 11:59 am

    Technology can help mitigate the new dangers presented by online dating and the "hook-up" culture of today's youth, as well as the long-present threat of sexual misconduct by trusted authority figures, according to three companies presenting at the DEMO conference on Tuesday.
  • DEMOfall '09 product spotlight: Digsby

    Posted September 23, 2009 - 11:51 am

    Between Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Gmail and a whole slew of instant messaging protocols, the Internet has become a fragmented mess where you must constantly check for updates and shuttle between tabs and windows. Fear not, though, because a little cartoon blob named Digsby is here to help.
  • DEMOfall '09: Google Maps of the great indoors?

    Posted September 23, 2009 - 11:50 am

    Micello's goal is to become the Google Maps of indoor spaces as its staff of six people is doggedly mapping large public indoor spaces in the United States such as shopping malls, airports and universities
  • 13 hot products from DEMOfall '09

    Posted September 22, 2009 - 12:12 pm

    Products from this year's DEMOfall show run the gamut, from cloud video surveillance technology to Web 2.0 patent databases to software that helps you scope out your dates for sketchy Internet activity.
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