Oracle airs Java ambitions

At JavaOne the company stressed plans for improving Java on a full range of systems now that it oversees development of key platform technologies

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A single programming model based on JavaFX is planned, which can be used for JavaFX across  browsers and native applications.

Oracle also stressed its commitment to delivering the best Java Virtual Machine and having the VM be modular, scaling from netbooks to desktops and servers.

On devices, Oracle is modernizing the Java mobile platform by providing Java with Web support to consumer devices, Oracle said. Other enhancements planned include language features, small-footprint CPU-efficient capabilities for cards, phones, and TVs along with tooling and emulation across hardware platforms, Oracle said.

Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) is being optimized for application models and hardware, including extended support for scripting languages, increased developer productivity, and lower operational costs, according to Oracle. Java Development Kits (JDK) 7 and 8 will be based on OpenJDK, which is the open source implementation of Java.

New JDKs will be offered in 2011 and 2012. Also, two versions of the NetBeans open source tools platform are planned for release in 2011.

While Oracle delineated its Java plans at the show, Gosling's efforts to have JavaOne attendees wear t-shirts protesting Oracle's stewardship of Java seems to have been a bust, at least on Monday. Walks through exhibit and conference halls for JavaOne and the concurrent Oracle OpenWorld conference did not turn up anyone wearing the shirts, although it perhaps could be expected that someone who protests Oracle would not attend an official Oracle event.

Oracle, meanwhile, gave out its own t-shirts, which stated, "I Am the Future of Java."

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