Microsoft moves ahead with ASP.Net MVC 3

Web development framework upgrade goes to release candidate stage

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Microsoft made available this week a release candidate for its ASP.Net MVC (Model View Controller) 3 framework.

Downloadable at Microsoft's Web site, the software enables development of Web applications via a Model View Controller pattern and represents the third version of the platform. An MVC framework is provided atop the .Net 4 runtime. Release candidates generally are the final stage before a general release of technology.

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"ASP.Net MVC 3 is a pretty sweet release and adds a ton of new functionality and refinements. It is also backward-compatible with ASP.Net MVC V1 and V2 -- which makes it easy to upgrade existing apps," said Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Developer Division, in a blog post.

Among the features in version 3 is Razor, a compact view engine for ASP.Net. Razor Intellisense support, for coding assistance, is now supported within Visual Studio and the free Visual Web Developer Express tool.

The NuGet package manager, previously called NuPack, is an open source package manager automatically installed in ASP.Net MVC 3, Guthrie said. "We think NuGet will enable all .Net developers (not just ASP.Net MVC ones) to be able to more easily leverage and share functionality across the community, and make building .Net applications even better."

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