Is Microsoft helping HTML5 or trying to co-opt it?

'Lab' site with dev tools and games shows Microsoft as leader of spec it opposed


Microsoft has put up an online HTML5 "Lab" with tools for developers, training resources, explanations, demos and other tools to help developers and end users learn to work with the standard more effectively.

Though the Lab itself looks useful, Microsoft's motives for putting it up, and putting up free tools and instructions, has raised suspicions among many.

It hasn't been long since Microsoft was still beating the drum and bending every ear it could get a hold on for Silverlight -- the technology that was better than Flash, better than HTML5 and, above all, was very, very popular (though apparently only among those who had to use it to replace corrupted drivers or Windows updates on the Silverlight-heavy

Its enthusiasm for HTML5 site seems genuine enough. The Lab has an open, friendly interface with links that are more useful than most at Microsoft sites. It has a couple of games, for example, and a couple of tools for developers.

Still, the lab site surprised a lot of people who remember Microsoft isn't usually interoperable by choice, and didn't see a sharp angle that could dig in if its cover was good enough.

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